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7 responses to “Wufoo Form Builder – Easy online data gathering”

  1. Aloke Pillai

    Great review! I personally have used Appnitro and find it amazing! No monthly fees, just a straight up one time fee. Wufoo however has a great design. Depends on what is more important to you.

  2. Chris

    Hi! this is a great post, I just wanted to say thanks for including us (FormSpring) in it. I also wanted to clear up one comment, you can actually use style templates with FormSpring and actually we just launched a new version this past week that now includes even more style templates than our previous version.

    Thanks again – Chris Lucas –

  3. James

    You forgot, it can do it all. And the free version’s only real limitation is on number of users.

  4. Jordan

    You should try they have form creation service that is totally freee. Thanks for a great post, I rather use something free than pay for it.


  5. Alex

    Thanks for a great review! Personally I’m using PHPForms for my business and it is pretty user friendly, has good newsletter functions and costs less than other form builder services.